Audio Lessons

Open Our Eyes
We read in 2 Kings 6 of a time when Elisha and his servant are surrounded. Elisha’s servant thinks it looks hopeless, but Elsiha prays for the servant’s eyes to be open.

Run the Race

The Olympic athletes train hard and discipline themselves in order to compete at the highest level. In our Christian race, we are called to be disciplined and train to run our absolute best. Our prize is eternal.

God is Good to Israel, but What About Me? Psalm 73

The 73rd Psalm describes a man who struggles with his faith as he wonders if following God is really worth it. Listen to the progression of faith that takes place as he realizes that serving God truly is the right decision.

One Team
If we are seeking to follow Christ, we are on the same team. Whether we prefer traditional or contemporary worship styles. It does not matter if we prefer to dress up or if we are a jeans and T-shirt type of person – in Christ we are one. We celebrate that unity.

On Your Mark
This is about living a life that allows God to leave His mark through you. It is time to stop hiding and pretending and start living a life that leaves a mark for God.

The Hands of Jesus
They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands. So I decided to look through the gospels and find places where Jesus’ hands are mentioned. What resulted was a life changing encounter with God. Listen in to this lesson presented at Muskogee Church of Christ and see how the hands of Jesus can touch your life.

Baggage: Part 2
Part 2 of our discussion of the baggage we all carry. In this lesson, we look learn that Jesus will give us rest from the weight of the baggage. We learn what our baggage is. We learn that Jesus already knows we have baggage. We placed our baggage at the foot of the cross and placed it in a garbage can in order to symbolically represent throwing aside our baggage and allowing ourselves to find rest in Jesus.

The video that is referenced cam from Max Lucado’s website at and is titled Give It All to Him. For copyright purposes, we are not allowed to include it in our podcast.

Baggage: Part 1
Baggage: we all have it. It often weighs us down and keeps us from being who God truly intends for us to be. In this lesson, we seek to create an environment where it is safe to admit that we have baggage. Listen in as we learn that we all have baggage and that we can give it over to the baggage handler, Jesus.

Forgiveness: A Stone’s Throw Away
She stood before the crowd, exposed and ashamed. She had been caught in adultery. The law said she should die. What would Jesus say? “If you have no sin, you throw the first stone.” Words of fogiveness; words of hope. “Go and leave your life of sin.” Words offering an invitation to a new life. In this lesson, we discuss the situation this woman is placed in. We look at our own lives and realize we have stones that could be thrown at us, and we accept the words of Jesus.

Open My Eyes
The man had been borm blind. Jesus healed him in an unusal way involving saliva and mud. By the end of the John chapter 9 we learn that it was not this man who was blind, but the Pharisees.

In this lesson, we discuss this miracle and our own blindness. Join us in the journey toward discovery as we seek to heave Jesus open our eyes.

An Insignificant Gift: A Significant Result
When there is a large crowd of over 5,000 in attendance, a small amount of food (2 fish and five small loaves of bread) doesn’t seem like a very significant amount of food. That is, unless Jesus is throwing the party. He takes a small boy’s lunch and turns it into and all you can eat buffet. In this lesson, we discuss if there is some gift that we have that we can give to Jesus. We believe that regardless of how small it is, he can do amazing things with it.

Freed From Suffering
As Jesus was walking with Jairus to heal his sick daughter, a woman with a bleeding disorder touched Jesus. Jesus stopped what he was doing to acknowledge her and let her know that she was freed from her suffering. At Encounter, we discuss what need we have that needs to be addressed right now and how we can be freed from our suffering.

Let’s Go Fishing
Fishing – for some it is relaxing; for others it is a means of making a living. For Simon, Andrew, James, and John – it was a career. They were fishermen by trade. Jesus told them that if they chose to follow him, they would become fishers of men. They left their way of life in order to follow Jesus.
In this lesson, we discuss what it means to go fishing with Jesus. It cost the disciples something in order to follow Jesus. What will it cost us?

God’s Reset Button
One of my favorite features of a video game is the reset button. When I make a mistake, I can push reset and start all over. Do you wish life had a reset button? Fail a test – push reset. Say something you regret – push reset. Make a decision you wish you did not make – push reset.

The new year means a new start, but we know that just because the calendar reads January and the year has changed from 2007 to 2008, we do not forget what happened last month or last year.

But the wonderful reality is that in Christ, we have a reset button. He gives us a new start; a new life. The old is gone and we are made new.

In this lesson, we discuss that new life. We dicuss God’s reset button -Jesus.

Jesus Mission
Christmas has come. Jesus is here! Now what? What is the mission of Jesus? What was his purpose for coming to earth? In this lesson, we look at what Jesus’ life is all about. The base for this message comes from a day in the life of Jesus according to Mark 1:21-39.

A Messy Savior: A Beautiful Life
The Christmas story is more than a baby in a manger. It is a messy story that is often lost in all the plastic nativity scenes of the holiday season. In this lesson, we look at the messy Savior and learn how he can give us a beautiful life.

God’s Response to a Suffering World – a lesson by Daniel Blankenship
Tragedy and hardships affect us all. Whether it is terrorist attacks, losing a loved one, losing a job, or having our hearts broken – it affects who we are. The Christmas story is God’s response to suffering. He comes to earth in the form of a human being and offers rest for the weary. In this lesson, we discuss God’s response to our own personal tragedies.

Covenant Community – a lesson by Daniel Blankenship
We may understand community. We may be able to grasp the idea of a covenant. But what is a covenant community? We want to be a covenant community. Join in as we discuss the covenant and commit to live as a covenant community.

Let the Light Shine – a lesson by Daniel Blankenship
What is light? What is the importance of light? How can we shine a light in a dark world? At Encounter, we discuss what it means to let our lights shine.
The video which is referenced in this lesson can be viewed here.

Love Those Outside the Spiritual Community – a lesson by Daniel Blankenship
We are called to love those outside the spiritual family. We want to be a force of love in the community around us. What does that look like? How will we respond? Explore with us as we seek to love those outside the spiritual community.

Spiritual Community – a lesson by Daniel Blankenship
We are called to be the body of Christ. What does that mean? How can we live it? In this lesson, we are learning together how to function as the body of Christ.

Authentic Worship – a lesson by Daniel Blankenship
What does it mean to truly worship God? How can we express authentic worship? Listen in as we seek authentic worship.

A Call to Persevere
This sermon was preached in Lepanto, Arkansas on Sunday night May 6, 2007. The text is Hebrews 12.

Will You Choose Resurrection Power
This is a sermon I preached at the Downtown Church in Memphis, TN on Easter Sunday, 2007.


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