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A week and a half has passed since the 2012 Tulsa Workshop. The theme was Good News For a Broken World. The weekend was amazing.  Lots of encouraging and thought provoking lessons. I posted a lot of tweets from the weekend on twitter and facebook. As I was going through those quotes, I was reminded of the overall experience. I loved seeing the joy on my kids faces as they would sing the songs they learned and recall the Bible stories. I recall the singing that encouraged. I recall the words that lifted my spirits. The following is a series of quotes from the workshop. they really encouraged me. these were spoken by ,many different people. i will not include who said what in this post for the purpose of flow. These are in the order I heard them. I think it is beautiful how God speaks. There seems to be a certain flow to these quotes. Thank you to all who worked on this event. thank you, Lord, for this annual event that I always look forward to. I hope those of you who read these words find encouragement from them just as I did. now for the highlight (at least in my opinion) quotes:

God is greater than our past.

Freedom is applied forgivenss
The greatest miracle Jesus performed was the granting of forgiveness.
Do not let your past wounds define you.
In the economy of the Kingdom, it never pays to play it safe.
The greatest risk is to never take a risk.
We have lost touch with our touchstones.
Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for something.
Being authentic is the antidote to anxiety.
We cannot fix this cracked world with anything in this world.
We are called to live among the broken body of Christ until Jesus perfects it.
I am a new creation, not an upgraded version of my old self.
I want to discipline myself so I can be fully free to God.
Thank you, Lord, for all I am comes from you.
Jesus calls me to be all in for Him.
Good news is not to be studied, it is to be celebrated. 
Christian life is not a pattern, it is a person.
Where there is fear there is no love. If there is no love, people will not know we follow Him.
God loves when His children talk to Him.
Teach us to count our days so we can make our days count.
Live passionately. Love completely. Learn humbly. Live boldly.
God knows me fully and loves me fully.
Do not all your view of yourself get in the way of god’s work through you.
I surrender my right to say anything about myself that my God would not say about me.
It’s great to preach to the multitude, but we must not neglect the one in need.
Compassion minus action is not truly compassion.
If the community only knows us by our location, we are failing.
The church should be colorFUL, not color blind.
My brokenness is never beyond the healing / restoring power of God.
Be assured that your history is HIStory.
Lord, may I live worthy of your calling.