The Day it all Changed

Posted: September 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

It was such a great time of excitement! Flying over the city for the first time ever was a delight. The sights and sounds were exhilirating and overwhelming. The horns honking, the crowds of people walinking in every direction, the massive buildings that towered overhead – made it and unforgettable experience.

I will never forget the first time I visited New York. The things mentioned above along with so many more wonderful things made it an amazing experience. My wife was having a graduation ceremony from an airline she was going to be working at. I was able to fly in and attend the ceremony and enjoy the sights and sounds of New York. We took in a Broadway show. We enjoyed a hotdog from the vendor at Battery Park. One of my favorite memories was taking the fairly and enjoying the view of the city. We talked about how large the city was and how many people needed to know God;s love. We had always talked about doing inner city ministry in a large U.S. city and it din;t get any larger than New York. During that ride on the fairy, we could see the prominent skyline featuring the twin towers of the World Trade Center. It was the most beautiful city I had ever seen.

As all good vacations do, the trip came to an end and it was time to fly back to Lubbock, Texas where we were attending Lubbock Christian Univeristy. We caught the last flight out of Newark on September 10, 2001. We got into Lbbock late and the next morning enjoyed every possible minute of sleep before going to class. In my class, I told my professor that we were going to move to New York and do ministry. I was excited about “the city that never sleeps” and the possibility of living and working there.  After that class, I stopped by my missions professor’s room to say hello and tell him about the trip. He stopped me and asked me if I had seen the news and he told me about the terrorist attacks. My heart sunk.

My world was forever changed. My life had been altered. i couldn’t nderstand. I cried. I have a scar on my heart from the tragic events that took place. I had mixed emotions. I thought about how fortunate that we left the night before, yet I felt so guilty that I was safe and surrounded by friends and Christian influences when I should be down at Ground Zero helping.

That scar remains. I get reminded of it from time to time and weep aloud.  Pray for the families who lost loved one. Pray for those who have forever been changed because of this event. Pray for the world. We need to see goodness and respect for humanity. This world is dark and in need of light. I pray for light.


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