Posted: October 8, 2008 in anniversary, commitment, family, Jesus, marriage

A couple of weeks ago my parents celebrated their anniversary. They have been married for 47 years. That seems out of place in today’s culture. It is hard to find people today that have been married for so many years. It speaks to me of the commitment they have had over the years to making their marriage work. They got married at a young age and have been faithfully commited to each other ever since. They are modern day heroes to me. I have great respect for their commitment. Their story has had its share of struggles. Many speed bumps and road blocks have come their way, yet they have stayed on course.

What if everyone was able to make the same commitment in every area of their lives? How much different would our world be? What would it look it? What if a man and woman who say to each other “’til death do us part” actually followed through with it? What if people could view their commitment to God as a commitment that will not be compromised? I pray that Kellie and I will live our marriage as a commitment that can never be compromised – that can never be put aside. I pray that I treat my relationship with Christ in such a way that I will not compromise – that I never let anything get in the way.

In our culture where commitments are often compromised, I pray that we stand strong regardless of what speed bumps or road blocks come into our path. May we learn to stay strong to our commitments.


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