Posted: September 20, 2008 in Christ, Christianty, devotional, faith, family, Jesus, life, sickness

What a strange title to a blog post. Let me explain. Sickness seems to be going around our house. I was sick for a couple of weeks and when I started to get better, it hit Timothy. He is fine now, but Kellie is really sick. It is never fun to be sick, but it seems to be a part of life sometimes. I wish people did not have to get sick. I wish we could all live happy, healthy productive lives without sickness. However, we live in an imperfect world. We live in a world that is sick and diseased. We live in a fallen world.

I have learned some lessons that I think are good reminders through this season of sickness. While I did not enjoy being sick, I hated seeing my family being sick. I hate the sad look on my kids faces and I hate seeing them hurt. I hate seeing my wife struggle with the most basic of tasks due to sickness. I wish I could take it from them. I wish I had the ability to take their sickness upon myself in order for them to be free of the sickness.

I believe God has the same feelings in regard to us. We are His children. He hates to see us suffer from the sickness in our lives. Although I believe he never intended for us to get sick, we live with sickness in our lives. This sickness is much deeper than a cold, flu, or even cancer. We live with a sickness in our souls. We are in need of someone to take this sickness away. This sickness affects our families, our relationships, our lives. This sickness of sin creates a vacuum that separates from our Father. This spiritual cancer penetrates our hearts and we become termanally ill. That is until a cure is found.

The good news for us is that Jesus is the cure. God saw our sickness. He observed our pain. He looked at the tears in our eyes. He saw our hopeless situation and he responded. He sent His Son to be our cure. Jesus took our spiritual sickness and carried it to the cross. He is the cure to our soul’s diseases. He is the perfect remedy to our sinful hearts. His name is Jesus – and He is our healer!

  1. Lee W. Woodard says:

    Hi, Daniel,Nice ideas. Thanks for your ministry at F C C of Sallisaw. At the recent combined service I heard your communion and unity meditation and was impressed with your sincerity and the propriety of what you discussed.I served there for 11 plus years during 1991-2003. When we attend nowadays, it is just as one who is now retired-from-every-Sunday-ministry. –No designs whatsoever about wanting to horn in on the ministry you and David Morley have. We just happen to live nearby and there is no other Christian Church of our sort in this county.Continued Best Wishes and Prayers for you and your family and your ministry at Sallisaw.God Bless,Lee W. WoodardWe hope your ministry in Sallisaw is fruitful.

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