Posted: July 17, 2007 in church, family, job, moving, transition, work

These last couple of months have been totally chaotic. It has been traveling and interviewing. The stress of traveling with two boys and interviewing with churches and decisions as to where to move our family has been overwhelming at times. Thankfully they are beginning to come to an end.
We have not been home in 2 two months and when we finally did arrive home in Memphis, it was only to pack and move to our new home. We are still homeless at the moment as we wait for closing on a house so we can move in and begin unpacking.
After many interview, phone conferences, and submitting more resumes than I care to count, we will be moving to Sallisaw, Oklahoma. I have begun working with a small church that is seeking ways to be a beacon of light to the community. I have been brought on staff as an associate minister in charge of developing a service and outreach geared at the under 35 crowd. I am very excited about this new position and am eager to get started. Please pray for our family as we transition to a new place with new relationships and new demands. Also please pray that we are able to move into our house soon. We are currnetly staying with my parents in Muskogee and I make the hour long commute each morning. It is hard to do ministry in a city when you are not living there.
I have Internet at work and should be able to update my blog more regularly now. Thank you for your prayers and for keeping in contact with us.

  1. Ryan Fowler says:

    Hey Daniel, glad to see this update. Post some pictures sometime, if you get the chance. I’d love to see the some sights from Sallisaw.

  2. Jason & Nicole says:

    HI Daniel and Kellie – congratulations on the new job. I know you will be so glad to be settled. I am sorry we did not get a chance to say goodbye to you all. Give the boys hugs! We will keep in touch. Love you guys. — Nicole

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