DTC Kid’s Camp

Posted: March 20, 2007 in Uncategorized

Here is a short video of some of the events from the Kid’s Camp at the Downtown Church. Special thanks to the Ozark Christian College group who put it all together.

  1. Raskell Party of 8 says:

    How awesome. It is so good to know about people helping little ones. They need it so much.

  2. Greg&Larissa says:

    How are your studies going? Life with your new addition?

  3. DougH says:

    Hi!I’m sorry to contact you in this fashion but I didn’t see any email links.My wife and I are adoptive parents to a daughter from China and we used CWA back in 2002. We are currently logged in for daughter #2 who is also in China.I wanted to let you know that the CWA webboards have officially closed down. I don’t know if you were active on the boards or not. If you were, I have set up new forums at the following address:http://www.hendersonhomeonline.com/forums/Please pass this address along to other families adopting from Ethiopia that you may be in contact with.Thanks!Doug Henderson

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