Being Transformed

Posted: February 24, 2007 in adoption, family

We have had our new son for 3 months. As you can see we have come a long way! In Ethiopia Drew did not want to play– he cried for his care takers at the children home. He did not want us to hug him or cuddle him– he wanted to be at home in the care center. He did not want to sleep he wanted to be at home in the care center. This little boy was so happy with his care takers, so happy with several other children, and very familiar with communicating with care givers and friends in the care center. Daniel and I seriously prayed about leaving this boy in Ethiopia. We thought about “returning” him to his care center where everything is familiar. Instead of playing ball with us outside he would kick the ball by some park cars and cry for his care givers by name. He was so happy and playful at the care center and so sad and depressed– almost grieving– because we took him away from his care center.
As each day brings us together closer as a family I am not only learning new things about my family and myself I am learning new things about God and his family.
Drew was so content in Ethiopia– he had wonderful caregivers, a bunkbed he shared with four other children, three meals a day, and smaller children he helped care for. Ethiopia is a wonderful country with awesom weather, great scenery, and wonderful people.
Drew was adopted by us– not by his choice– (somedays we wished we did not make this choice) Drew was forced to leave his care givers, familiar bed, his friends, and customs to come to America to live a family that says, “NO”, strangers that do not speak his language, and eat strange foods. Drew had to be completly transformed “over night” to adapt to our family and ways in America.
Drew has taught me so much about God’s love it is hard to put in words (in a blog– let alone speak about it).
We all heard God adopted us- God paid a randsom for us- be transformed so your life is a thank you gift to the Lord (heard these things since we could remember)
Wow- Drew you really made these principles come to life!
Many of us were content in our old ways– I know the language of these worldly habits, I know the rules and I know how to get around these rules. Sometimes these habits and “traditions are hard to break” Drew has really taught us what it means to be transformed in the renewing of the mind– (Romans 12:1-3).
We made sacrifices to bring Drew to America- he should appreciate us– he owes us something– at least five hours of peace and quiet a day—for all the sacrifices we made for you– what does he give us– not much. Yet, we still love him and even like him.
I think about the sacrifices God paid for us and how unappreciated we are of his sacrifices. I think about the life God wants us to experience but we hold on to traditions (wanting to do our own thing) How many times are we like Drew, I do not want to leave my comfort zone I want to stay in the care center, I don’t care what will happen when I turn 14 and I’m old enough to live on the streets. Maybe we are like Drew somedays and say God, I wish you were not part of my life, I wish you did not adopt me into your family, I was so comfortable in my old ways, and yet God looks down and says, you have no idea what I have in store for you.
We have had Drew home for only a few short time and I say to myself will you please show some appreciation– when will you pick up on our family rules– and yet I think how God may look at me and say you have known me for how long– will you please show some appreciation–when will you follow my family rules– and be fully transformed.


  1. Raskell Party of 8 says:

    So well said. It has been so good to see the changes in your family. I know it is hard and the transition is soooo hard. Thank you for following God’s call. You are a blessing just as he is a blessing to you. May God always shine on your family.

  2. Heidi W says:

    Wonderful. It is certainly amazing what some time will bring…. and of course, amazing what God can do! 🙂

  3. tim rush says:

    Wow, that is very cool. I had not heard about Drew.I’m so glad Daniel left a note on my blog today. I’ve been thinking about you guys lately and wondering how you were doing.Hope to see you at AIM-a-palooza!

  4. Brooke says:

    Just now got around to reading this. Your family has been in my prayers… but now I know more of what to pray for after reading this and seeing Daniel at the church office yesterday. You know, you read in adoption books about the rejection, the grieving, etc., but I am sure that it is so much more difficult day to day than it sounds in a book. I hope that God will bring you more and more clarity about how you can best parent and love Drew. Your comparison to God’s view of us is so true. Thanks for your insights.

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