What mask are you wearing?

Posted: October 31, 2006 in authenticity, church, devotional, God, grace

Halloween – it is a time where children (and many adults) dress up and pretend to be something they really are not. I am not here to debate whether or not a Christian should celebrate Halloween. Kellie and I took Timothy to four trunk or treats over the weekend. It is probably a good thing since today it is raining. We saw various costumes – power rangers, spider-man, Superman, farmer, vampires, witches, and even two girls dressed as a salt and pepper shaker. It was really quite interesting to see all the various costumes and the creativity of those who made them. Timothy went as Elmo. He did not really understand what was going on but he did enjoy the candy. Kellie and I also enjoy the candy:)
I began to think back to my childhood. I would often wear a towel as a cape and pretend I was Superman as I jumped off the couch and onto the pile of pillows that represented my enemy. Life was so much simpler then. I could be anyone I wanted to be. I would pretend to be He-Man and I would stop Skeletor. I would be the hero and the world would be safe because I was there to save the people.

Can you already see where this post is going? How strange that the trunk or treat took place in the park lot of a the church building. How many people put on a mask before entering the doors? The mask that makes us look like something we are not – the mask of a spiritual super-hero. We are often afraid to take off our masks. People will see who we really are – they we see that we do not have it all together, that we are indeed broken. What will they think? So we keep our mask on – we sing “Break My Heart” without taking off the mask and in the process allow our hearts to become even more calloused. My spiritual super-hero mask will not allow you to see my weakness; my sin; my kryptonite.

Why is that? Why do we wear masks? What are we so afraid of? Are we afraid that God might see us? He already knows what we look like inside and out. Are we afraid of what the person across the aisle may think? They are broken too. Why do wear masks?

Why do so many Christians wear masks? Why do ministers wear masks? How do we allow ourselves to get to the point that we feel we need to be spiritual super-heroes out to save the world, as if we can save anyone!? I cannot save anyone from sin; only Jesus can. I cannot save myself; only Jesus can. So why do I get tempted to put on my mask? Could it be that the mask has become comfortable? Could it be that we have tried so hard for so long to live up to the expectations of others that we have forgotten who we are without the mask? God, teach us to take off the mask and fall at your feet.

  1. Amy Weaver now Gearhart or G. says:

    Daniel and KellieGreat to see your blog. It sounds and looks like your life is quit busy, and fun. I am so happy God is blessing you and you are bringing glory to him. You had a great halloween post. I sometimes think I am way too transparent.

  2. Daniel says:

    Amy,Great to hear from you Amy. That is a valid point. Some people are too transparent. It seems like most people fall under one of the two extremes. I wish we could all learn how to balance between the two extremes.

  3. Kendra says:

    AMEN!I think what you’ve said is so true. We’re afraid to take off our masks and let others see our pain and our failures. It’s scary. And yet, without being real, i think we miss the opportunity to help others (and even ourselves).Thank you for sharing your thoughts!Kendra (of Shawn&Kendra, from the Blands’ gathering)

  4. Angie says:

    Daniel & Kellie! I found you guys through your comment on Tim’s blog! If I keep runnin’ into cool folks like you guys… I’m gonna be a certifiable blogaholic!So, you guys are in Memphis? I’m just 2 hrs away from y’all! Just a short drive down I55 to the middle of nowhere in Mississippi! I haven’t read much of your blog yet… but I enjoyed this post. Man, how in the world do we get real & convince everyone else to do it too?I’ve even “tricked” myself with my own mask… Kinda like believing your own lie or something. I’m a mess!

  5. jackie lea says:

    Hello fellow believers!I am speaking to several groups of high schoolers next week about this topic — Christians wearing masks and being real. May I quote your blog in my chapel message?Blessings,Jackie

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