Good News!!!

Posted: October 23, 2006 in adoption, family, prayer

During the week I spent in Oklahoma, I did not have Internet access. Kellie called and told me that we received news about our adoption. We received some new pictures. After we have a successful court date, I will be more than happy to post them. We also were notified that he has been transferred to Addis. This is excellent news. It means that our paperwork is being processed and we should have our court date within two weeks. We are one step closer. After the court date, we will be given an embassy appointment to pick up our son and bring him home. It has been so long. We started this back in October 2005. We are now getting closer.
One more note of exciting news. We received a grant from Steven Curtis Cahapman’s organtization Shaonnah’s Hope. We are so excited! We know God is behind this adoption. We have had many bumps along the road, many detours, many road blocks, but just when it seemed easier to give up something miraculous would happen: the paperwork would come through, we would receive a check, a grant for $4,600, a block party that provided money, a grant for $2,000. God is good!! There is no way humanly possible we could pay for this adoption. We exhausted our resources. We emptied our bank account. We spent money we did not have, and through it all – God provided!! He gets the honor. He gets the credit. He is God! Amen!!


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