Reason to rejoice!!

Posted: August 25, 2006 in Uncategorized

During our lunch hour Saturday, August 19, Kellie and I had the privilege of meeting with two wonderful ladies. They are sisters and one of them works with an adoption grant foundation. They came to our house and we rode together to the Ethiopian restaurant here in Memphis. We talked about adoption, family, and ministry. It was a blessing to meet these ladies. We shared our situation with trying to bring Leuleseged home and how we were at a standstill. We received a letter in the mail today stating that they are donating the funds needed to move our dossier onto Ethiopia so we can receive a court date!! WOW!! God was totally at work! Kellie and I had been so discouraged with the adoption and questioning if we should give up on the whole process – God introduced us to the right people at the right time and worked it out for the adoption to be paid for. We will still need to raise air fare and fees for visas along with money for room and board. Those fees will be upon us quick and that is the exciting part. We still have a block party planned to raise funds and hopefully we will come up with the needed finances to travel, but we are now so close. Our dossier will be sent to Washington D.C. and then onto Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government will set up a court date where they will review our dossier and decide if we are able to adopt. If (or should I say when?) we have a successful court date, Leuleseged will officially be our son. We will then travel to Ethiopia and go to the embassy for some more “red tape” work and then back to the states!!! Once we are back in Memphis we will go through a re-adoption process that will make him a legal citizen of the United States. God answers prayers. We know there is still a ways to go and many obstacles stand in the way, but one major hurdle has been jumped and we are on our way toward the finish line. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

  1. PastorMac's Ann says:

    Wow! That’s wonderful. Praise the Lord! We currently in the position you were in before this miracle – we’re waiting for God to provide the money to complete the amount we need to send with our dossier. I’m impatient! I hope the rest of the process goes so quickly and you have your precious one home with you soon. Praying for you.

  2. Daniel says:

    It was truly a blessing from God. We are so touched by His grace and are learning so much more about our own relationship with God through this adoption process. I’m sure you could say the same. Being patient was definitely the hardest thing for us. It still is. Let’s hang in there and realize that these beautiful children are worth it. You are in my prayers.

  3. Sandee says:

    Praise God – I’ve been praying for those finances since I read about it on the cwa board. I’ll continue praying for the travel money for you to bring your son home!

  4. Thankfulmom says:

    Daniel and Kellie, Such good news! We are rejoicing with you and hope the rest of the process will go quickly and smoothly. Lisa

  5. Raskell Party of 8 says:

    Praise to the Lord. He knows the right timing for everything. Prepare your hearts and lean on Him. May these next few months be filled with joy, excitement and love as you prepare to meet your new child! Blessings, Sandra

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