Posted: July 7, 2006 in Uncategorized

I came across a News Day story from last year that is quite disturbing. When will we learn to love each other? Why do we look at people of another race and judge them as less than equal? This video shows that we still devalue certain races of people. I have white skin. However, I am no better than anyone else. All people are created equal. We are created in the image of God. It is sad to think of our son who we will be bringing home from Ethiopia having to face the racism in our society. However, we will teach him that he is equal. He deserves everything our biological son deserves. He deserves equal opportunity.

The color differences make our world a more beautifully diverse place to live. Why can’t we realize that? Racism is not an inborn trait. No one is born a racist. In fact, children have little regard for the color of one’s skin. They do not see the world as we do. Racism is learned. So the question is this: What are we teaching our children about race?

  1. Shawn Griffith says:

    This is such a tough topic. Skin should not matter and we should not teach our kids to be racists. But it is in me. I feel awkward in a place where I am a minority amoung other personality traits that have a racist slant. They are learned traits, but ones that my children could pick up on and learn. I pray that God will deliver me and others from our behaviours and not allow them to be part of our life or our family.Thanks for bringing this up. Kendra and I are very encouraged by your honesty and your pure heart.

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