Homestudy Complete!!

Posted: June 2, 2006 in Uncategorized

Finally! Things are moving along. Our homestudy has been finalized, all of our documents for our dossier have been notarized. Tomorrow we go downtown to the county clerk for county approlval, then we head to Nashville and hopefully make it in time to have the Secretary of State authenticate some documents for us. After that we wait for USCIS approval and fingerprinting and we are ready to send out our dossier. The only thing that is uncertain as far as the timing goes is the USCIS. Sometimes it takes up to 90 days, other times you are done in a week. We are praying for it to all be done very quickly. We hear from our case manager that if we get our USCIS approval within a week or two, we may have a slight (very slight) chance of traveling at the end of July to bring home our son! If the approval and appointment with USCIS takes a while, we will not be able to move forward for a couple of months because the Ethiopian courts close at the end of July until close to the beginning of September. Please pray for God’s timing. Whatever he decides is best is what we want to happen. With the reality of bringing home our son beginning to kick in, we are looking for ways to raise money for the agency fees and travel to pick up our little boy. We are selling whatever we can find on ebay (would you like to make a bid?) and we are applying for grants. No luck so far, but we know God will work it out. Pray for a safe trip for Kellie and I as we travel to Nashville on Friday and return on Saturday. Timothy will stay with his Pop-Pop while we are away.

  1. Jason & Nicole says:

    This is wonderful news! We will certainly pray for things to be completed as soon as possible. We are so excited for your family.

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