Posted: May 24, 2006 in Uncategorized

We are getting so close to being able to send in our dossier for the adoption. We are on a last couple of documents and then a trip to the notary to get everything notarized. We then wait for state department to authenticate a couple documents as well as get fingerprinted. We are anxious to get our son home. It is hard to describe the adoption process. If someone hasn’t been throught it, they will not truly understand. It is exciting! Yet at the same time, it is discouraging. You want your family and friends to react like they did when they found out you were having a biological child. They would call and see how the pregnancy was going, how things have changed as far as preparing for the new arrival, and always telling us about some shirt they found that would look so good on the new baby. We don’t get as much as that with the adoption. It is discouraging. I don’t think it has hit reality for our family just yet. Of course their are major cultural differences in adopting a child from Africa. The child will not look like us. He will not look like his grandparents. We are making a choice knowing that we are willing to deal with the stares and questions, however we are not giving our families that choice, we are not giving them the time to learn to deal with the questions and looks that will come their way.
Enough about all that. We bought a bed for Leueleseged’s room and it will be delivered some time today. It is exciting getting his room ready. I often find my self in his room looking at the Ethiopian flag hanging up and wondering what our little boy is doing. Is he happy? Is he sad? Did he have enough food to eat today? Is he getting the love that every child deserves?
It makes us feel a little closer to him and it is a good moment to spend time praying. As for now, we are enjoying our time with Timothy. We cherish every moment spent with him. He is growing so fast. I can barely keep up with him, he is everywhere.
That is enough rambling for now. Have a great day.

  1. Jason & Nicole says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…. I hope the day will come soon. In the meantime, we will continue to pray for your family as you prepare and progress through this adoption. I am touched to know how your hearts ache to meet your new son, and to know that you pray for him and pray that his daily needs are met. We will pray the same for him. Thanks for sharing…. Nicole

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