Posted: May 24, 2006 in Uncategorized

Do you enjoy coffee? I like coffee. I especially enjoy it during the winter months. I love the smell, the sound it makes going through the coffee pot, the flavor. I enjoy coffee with various flavors and in different styles. Sometimes I like my coffee black with sugar only. Other times I prefer cream and sugar. Sometimes I like the coffee with frothed milk. I like it with cinnamon and whipped cream. I like coffee! Since we have decided to adopt from Ethiopia, I have enjoyed coffee even more. Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee. For you historians out there, you may want to read about the history of coffee. It is interesting. So sit down at the computer with nice cup of joe and enjoy some coffee history.
Perhaps after reading about the rich history of coffee and its relation to Ethiopia you would like to try some Ethiopian coffee for your self. May I suggest a few places that are fair trade and give the farmers at least $1.25/lb. That is a decent wage and is much more than the coffee chains like Starbucks give the coffee farmers. Click on these links and go straight to the Ethiopian coffee. Give it a try. If you like coffee, you must try Ethiopian coffee. Cafe Campesino (Yirgacheffe blend), Dean’s Beans (Oromia blend), Peace Coffee (Yirgacheffee blend), or try Equal Exchange for your coffee fix.

  1. Jason & Nicole says:

    Hey, Daniel and Kellie and Timothy! I didn’t know how else to contact you, but to post on here. We wanted you to know that everyone’s going to the Bland’s house tonight. Hope we see you there. I know this is late notice. We’ve missed being able to catch up with you.Jason & Nicole

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