Posted: May 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

Last night the Mother’s Day Out (I’m a stay-at-home dad and I prefer the term Parent’s Day Out) kids had a program at the Sycamore View building. It was a lot of fun. You never know what to expect with so many kids under the age of four. Timothy’s class (The JR. Toddlers) did “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

Basically, the teachers placed a farm around a slide and the “animals” also known as our children would slide down and appear to be running out of the barn. It was hilarious. We had a great time. Timothy was a cow for the skit.

He had a great time and the crowd was cheering him and all of his classmates along. Timothy has loved his time going to the Parent’s Day Out program and I know he will miss it during the summer. Thursday is his last day. I have been appreciateive of all he is learning through his time with the other children. Time goes by so fast. It has already been 19 months since we welcomed Timothy into this world. He has grown and changed so much in that time. I am thankful that God has used Timothy to teach me about what really matters in life. Peopl matter to God. I let a lot of “stuff” get in the way of my relationship with God and with others. Sometimes the things that get in the way are material things like getting the next cool electronic item or watching too much television; other times it is something much more beneficial such as a greater education or even researching for a church plant. But it is at those times when God uses Timothy to remind me how precious life is. He is not impressed with my education; he doesn’t care how great of a church will be planted in this city; Timothy only wants to have a relationship with his father. He wants to know that I love him and that I will be there to provide comfort, support, and help guide him through life. I want to be the same way. I know God is not impressed with my accomplishments. God does not want me to plant a great church that brings people to know him at the cost of my family. He wants me to be faithful to Him. He wants to have a relationship with me. I am thankful to God that I am His child. What an honor!

  1. Jason & Nicole says:

    Timothy is too cute. And he makes a pretty cute cow, too.

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