Ever have a long day?

Posted: May 5, 2006 in Uncategorized

Have you ever had a long day? Wednesday was one of those days for me. It started out okay. Both Timothy and I overslept. He goes to Parent’s Day Out at the Sycamore View Church. It begins at 9:30. I happened to turn and glance at my clock and notice it was 9:00. I jumped up got ready as fast I could, made Timothy’s lunch for the day, woke up Timothy, changed him, gave him a cup of milk, got his bag ready to go and zoomed out the door. Somehow we made it on time.
I had a final to study for but decided I would go to the bookstore for a few minutes and still come home in plenty of time to study. The plan would have worked….On the way home, I was driving down Poplar Avenue when I ran over a water drain. My tire began to slowly lose air. I turned onto Perkins and by that time the tire was completely out of air. I began the process of changing the tire. I jacked the van and took off the flat tire. Right as I took it off, the jack gave way and the van came crashing down, missing my foot by an inch or two. I managed to get the jack back under the van and right as I put the spare tire on, the jack once again gave way. By this time the jack was completely useless. It was bent and I couldn’t do anything with it. I managed to get it loose from the van. The ordeal had taken a great amount of time. I was covered in grease from the tire. I drove home an cleaned up the best I could and rushed back to Sycamore View to pick up Timothy. Timothy and I came home and spent some time together before the phone rang. My sister-in-law’s father had died in an accident. He was working on a bulldozer and got trapped beneath it. What else could go wrong. Kellie came home and we began driving to Wednesday night Bible study at Raleigh. We decided to take the interstate. About a 1/2 mile before our exit traffic came to a standstill. There had been an accident. When the police finally allowed us to go around the accident, it was time for Bible study to be over. We came home at the end of a long day.

I do not care to have anymore days like that. It was a stressful time. The news of my sister-in-law’s father had really caught me off guard. My brother and sister-in-law were already stressed from other challenges in their life and now this new burden was added…What a day… It was one of those days that make you wish you had not gotten out of bed. Yet somehow, in my mind the words continued to come forth: “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad.” I was given a day to spend with my heavenly Father. What if the van had landed one more inch to left? I would be in the hospital. What if Timothy had been with me while changing the tire? It would have been an even greater burden and he may have been hurt. What if God had not allowed me to wake up this day? My family would have an added burden. What if I did not know God? I would have no one to turn to in my hour of need. This is the day that the Lord has made. Thank you, Lord, for being with me throughout every minute of every day, even the long ones.

  1. Jason & Nicole says:

    Wow…I have had ‘long days’ but not that long. I hope that you are getting some smoother days. We hope to see you at the Blands this Sunday. We have msised seeing you! Nicole

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