Do you see Jesus?

Posted: September 16, 2005 in Uncategorized

What a great time to be on this earth. God has blessed us with so many opportunities to share His love. In the midst of disasters and tragedies, God remains constant. He is always there; or should I say He is always here. It seems easy to say to someone who is hurting, “God is there for you.” Yet I struggle at times with realizing He is here. He is near. God is love. God dwells in the hearts of His people. God calls us to genuine relationship with Him. What an honor to have the creator of the universe calling me to a relationship with Him! It is also an honor that He would choose to use someone like me to encourage others to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. God has placed us here to share His good news to all who will listen. There are so many hurting, so many questioning, so many struggling, so many who have suffered loss. God is calling His people to share His good news with those that are hurting. God challenges you and I to look at the world and see Him. How great it is to see Him. When Jesus walked this earth, he came in a way that none would have expected. The creator that knit the universe was himself knit together in his mother’s womb. The king of all came as a peasant and servant to all. The all powerful came as a defenseless baby. How amazing it is to serve a God like that. It reminds me that I am to see Jesus in each person I come in contact with. That homeless man that asked me for food, that is a man that needs to know Jesus. That prostitute that I often want to people to walk the other way when they see needs to know Jesus. I see Jesus in the abused thirteen year old who strives to live life the best she can. I see Jesus in the lady who can barely read but who continues to grow and become something special for her Lord. I see Jesus everytime I drive down the street, or sit at a traffic light. I see Jesus when I walk into the schools, or when I am standing in line at Wal-Mart. I see Jesus when I look at my wife and my baby. And now I am learning to see Jesus when I look in the mirror. That’s hard to say, but it is true. Jesus chooses to live in us and through us as we learn to live in and through and because of Him! Amazing? It certainly is. Then again, we serve an amazing God. A God that is too big and too holy to dwell in temples made by hands chooses to instead live in you and me. Thank you Jesus for loving so. May we grow in your image. Amen!

  1. Michael Potthoff says:

    Amen to this post! I see Jesus in these words! Thank you brother!

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